PIERCING INTERDIT is distributed among the best professional piercers, renowned for their know-how, their expertise and their love of excellence.

Our common mission is to allow you to illuminate your radiance and your unique personality.

We remain at their disposal and exchange regularly in order to always guarantee you an optimal and flawless service.

Safety Our piercing jewelery benefits from the know-how of French jewellery. In bio-compatible 18-carat gold, therefore "nickel free", they are set with Kimberley Process certified white diamonds and real precious stones chosen for their brilliance and beneficial energies.

All come with a soft pouch or box to protect them.

Comfort We favor flawless smooth or rounded finishes, and extra fine mirror polishes to ensure both a safer insertion and a comfortable and accelerated healing process. Our labrets are finished with a flat circle so you can sleep safely and comfortably.

Each piercing jewel is accompanied by its numbered certificate of authenticity.