Curated process of piercing

A piercing is a surgical beauty act that requires healing care.

Depending on its location, it will last between 2 and 10 months. During this time, it will have to be cleaned morning and evening with targeted care, gentle on the skin and disinfectants.

Remember that the ear is a sensual place of ​​the face... Each one has its own shape, its particularity.

Each piercing will be placed more or less high according to the morphology of your face and your ear. Creating a harmony of several piercings in one ear is the talent of the piercer, and we must choose him as we choose an aesthetic doctor: with seriousness and confidence.

The metal that you put in your piercing also contributes to its good healing: Prefer 18-carat gold and... real diamonds !

Advice from the most renowned piercers 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning to avoid bacteria.
  • Use a non-woven sterile gauze, soaked in a saline liquid that you will find at your piercer, and take care to dry the piercing well afterwards.
  • Avoid stringy cotton and alcohol, which could cause irritation.

For the first few days, you may feel tightness, some pain, swelling... Then your piercing will start to heal from the inside out.

  • For the first few weeks, avoid putting creams and perfumes directly on the piercing.
  • Don't remove your jewelry until it's completely healed, or your piercing will instantly begin to close.
  • Do not turn your jewelry in the wound and do not try to remove the small scabs of scarring.
  • Be gentle and careful when styling your hair, at your hairdresser, in the shower, when putting on your clothes and avoid sleeping on your fresh piercing.
  • Avoid pool water and sea water until completely cured.

Tips For earlobe piercings

  • Avoid anything that can exert pressure or clog the wound: hair sprays, headphones. Optionally, sleep with a travel pillow.

The nostril

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water Avoid rich creams and astringent toners If you have an allergy or a cold, be gentle when blowing your nose.

The lips

  • Watch out for spicy foods, fruits and alcohol.

The nipple

  • Be careful not to put too much body cream directly on the piercing. Avoid bras made of lace or textured material, prefer soft cottons. Give them time to heal before touching them.

The Navel

  • Choose the shower rather than the baths.
  • Avoid tight or tight clothing and belts with buckles.
  • Be careful not to put too much body cream directly on the piercing.


  • Use mild cleansers and rinse well after cleaning.
  • Dry gently, possibly with a cold dryer.
  • Avoid creams and lubricants.

PIERCING INTERDIT uses ethical 18 carat gold and diamonds subject to Kimberley Process certification.

Made in Switzerland, the screws of our piercings benefit from the High Technology expertise of MICRO PRECISION from the Swiss watch industry.