Maintenance of your PIERCING INTERDIT jewelry

Before inserting it into your piercing, remember to clean your precious jewelry with warm water and mild soap.

Our piercing jewelry is made of 18 carat gold and fine stones or diamonds. To prevent them from being scratched or tarnished, it is advisable to keep them individually in their box or pouch, and to always keep them in the same place, in a box or drawer for example.

To ensure 24-hour comfort, we have developed perfectly threaded and screwed tubes for lobe and cartilage piercings. On the back, a round, smooth plate fits your ear ergonomically. No hair gets stuck in it.

When you change it, be careful not to lose it or drop it. At the time of installation, you must screw all the way, but without over-tightening so as not to distort the screw.

With the movement, the hand in the hair... it happens that your jewelry unscrews slightly, check from time to time that it is well screwed. Especially when washing your hair and at the hairdresser.

PIERCING INTERDIT uses ethical 18-carat gold and diamonds subject to Kimberley Process certification.

Made in Switzerland, the screws of our piercings benefit from the High Technology expertise of MICRO PRECISION from the Swiss watch industry.