Personal shopper and laboratory diamonds dealer, Rivka Nahmias guides her clients in choosing diamonds that perfectly embody their personality.

Parisian jeweler, RIVKA also offers a selection of jewelry and piercings designed to enhance your aura.

Asked to breathe new life into the world of luxury piercing, she created a flat clasp at the back of the ear, guaranteeing comfort and freedom of movement, even while sleeping.

Her timeless jewelry gave birth to the PIERCING INTERDIT brand, Safe Piercing jewelry dedicated to the ears and body.


In the 21st century, nature-friendly diamonds are now grown in laboratories. Rivka Nahmias, faithful to her desire to work with the innovation and the spirituality in her jewelry, continues on this path. Laboratory diamonds, resulting from decades of research, offer a minimized ecological footprint, full traceability and guarantee good working conditions for the men and women who cultivate them.

PIERCING INTERDIT invites you to reconnect with your body, highlight it and sublimate it.

Each jewel is accompanied by its unique and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Made with love, our fine jewelry takes time to make. Your precious gold and diamond earring or piercing is made to order. Thus, our delivery times vary between 5 to 6 weeks. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.