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€412.50 / €412.50 ht

Stud 2 inverted triangles in 18K gold set with 6 white diamonds for a total weight of 0.060 cts


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The two triangles simultaneously move towards the energies of heaven and earth, to better unite them and diffuse their beneficial vibrations.

Our jewels are made of 18K gold and are suitable for first piercings.

  • Lobe
  • Helix
  • flat piercing
  • tragus
  • Anti Tragus
  • Daith
  • Rook


18k yellow gold

Mirror polished finish

Labret diameter 1mm

Secure piercing with a threaded holder inside

Made in Switzerland, the screws of our piercings benefit from the know-how of MICRO PRECISION from the Swiss watch industry.

We favor flawless smooth or rounded finishes and extra fine mirror polishes to ensure you both safer insertion and a comfortable, accelerated healing process.

Our labrets are finished with a flat circle so you can sleep safely and move through the day with maximum comfort.